4 Tips for Packing up Your Garage


One of the last rooms that people pack up for a move is typically the garage. It's a space that is not easy to pack up since it's filled with various odds and ends that don't always fit into moving boxes. Here are a few tips that will help you pack up your garage properly.

Purge Things You Don't Need

A common tip that applies to every move is purging belongings so that you are only taking what you need. This is especially true of a garage, where you likely have things that you have not touched in years. You'll want to sort through everything and decide what can be thrown away and what is in good enough condition to donate.

Hold A Garage Sale

With your garage empty of all the stuff that is not worth keeping because it is worth so little, you can actually hold a garage sale to help get rid of the things that have value and have not been used in years. If you don't have enough items for an in-person garage sale, consider selling items through online garage sales where people make offers on the items you are selling. 

Gather The Right Packing Materials

You are going to need a variety of packing materials to get everything in your garage ready for the move. While moving boxes work great for small items, your large items may need to be wrapped in furniture pads or plastic wrap to protect them. It's also worth purchasing plastic bins for many of the heavy-duty items in your garage since they'll likely stay in the bins at the new place. Things like gardening equipment can all be grouped in a single box to keep it organized and secure. You can ask residential movers if they can provide adequate packing materials. 

Beware Of Packing Chemicals

You need to be aware that it may be illegal to take some things with you during the move. This includes chemicals, propane tanks, and fertilizers that can become flammable under the hot heat inside a moving truck. You'll need to dispose of these items properly rather than take them with you. If you are using professional movers, they will definitely not allow those dangerous materials to make it on the moving truck 

Do you still have questions about how to pack up your garage? Ask companies like On Your Mark Movers for additional advice. 


21 July 2021

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