Tips for Downsizing from 3 Bedrooms to a Tiny Home


Many people are selling their huge three-bedroom homes and downsizing to smaller homes—some even go so far as to choose a tiny-home for their new residence. If you're considering downsizing into a tiny home, you're going to have a lot of sorting, selling, storing and sacrificing to do. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you clear out your huge house and move into your tiny home with ease.

Rent a Personal Storage Unit

Yes, you will be getting rid of a lot of stuff, but you'll still need extra storage for the things that you want to keep but won't have the room for in your tiny home. Personal storage units can be used to store your seasonal items like clothing, decorations, bedding. This storage unit can also be used to help you sort through your belongings without having to hurry through it. So, the stuff that you aren't quite sure that you're ready to get rid of, or those big boxes that will take hours to sort through, it can all be stored in a storage unit so that your home is cleared and ready to be put on the market.

Gift Things to Friends and Family

You know what your friends and family have eyeballed every time they visit. If those items are things that you'll be getting rid of, just go ahead and give it to those who have admired it in the past. This way, you know that it will be appreciated, you'll get rid of it and you'll still be able to enjoy whatever it is when you visit the home where it went.

Consider Costs

If you're starting to get a little worried about making this huge change, stop and think about what it costs you to live in that big house each year. Now, think about what else you could be doing with all of those thousands of dollars. Heating, cooling and maintaining a tiny-home will be much more budget-friendly than that big house. The savings could be used to buy a new car, go in vacation or saved up to enjoy a great retirement.

Big homes might be needed for big families, but when the kids grow up and move out, there's really no reason to hold onto it. Sell the big house to the kids and move yourself into a tiny home and enjoy the golden years of your life with fewer bills.


23 October 2019

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