Need To Use A Long-Term Storage Unit? 3 Ways To Be Smart With Long-Term Storage


Long-term storage is when you have to put items into storage for six months or more. Long-term storage is often necessary if you are downsizing or in-between homes and need somewhere to put your belongings.

Be Smart About What You Store

When you have to rent a storage unit, the rental fees can add up over time. The space that you are paying for is very valuable, so you want to make sure you are using that space in the most effective way possible.

Before you put your belongings in storage, go through your belongings and think about what you really want to store. Do you really want to put that item into storage? Will you still want to use that item a year from now? Is it more worth it to sell the item and purchase it again later? Think about the value of the items you want to store. You should only store items that will have value to you when you take them out of storage.

Take Your Time to Pack Everything

When it comes to long-term storage, how you pack everything is really important. For anything that is fragile, you are going to want to make sure that you provide proper cushioning around the object to ensure the object will not get broken in transit. You don't know how much more transportation the item will go through, which is why you want to protect fragile items as well as possible.

When it comes to packing everything, you want to get detailed with the labels. Be sure to write on the side of the box everything that is in the box. This will make it easier for you to find things over time. Don't count on yourself to remember what you put in the box labeled "Kitchen" or "Books" when you need to find something two years down the road. It is best to get as detailed as possible on the box itself so you know what is inside.

You can also place a list inside the top of the box, so if you open the box, you can easily look at the list and see what you packed inside.

Be Careful with Placement

When you actually put boxes inside of the storage unit, make sure you have a plan. You want to put the heaviest items on the bottom of the storage unit, with the lighter items on top. You want to put boxes that you may need to access more frequently up front and center, where they will be easier to get to, and items you are less likely to need in the back of your unit. You need to organize the space so that nothing gets crushed or damaged, while also making it easy for you to get to things you may need over time.

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29 May 2019

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