3 Helpful Tips When Gathering Estimates From Moving Companies


Moving is one of the more stressful life events, but you can get much-needed assistance by working with a moving company. When doing so, you'll probably want to gather some estimates so that you can plan financially. This process can go smoothly if you remember these tips. 

1. Choose a Moving Date   

Before looking for estimates from different moving companies, it's important to first think about when you'll be moving out. After all, moving companies charge different rates based on their busy seasons. These typically are during the summer, when people have more time off from work. 

If you can, try scheduling a moving date outside of these busy summer seasons. The moving estimates that you receive then will be more affordable. If this is not feasible, then you should at least schedule your move during the week. Moving companies tend to charge more on weekends because of the higher demand for their services from people off work. 

2. Schedule a Professional Walk-Through 

You can certainly gather estimates from moving companies online or over the phone, but there's always the chance that you'll miss something. Then, come moving day, you may get charged additional costs that you weren't prepared for. 

To avoid this headache, you should just schedule a professional walk-through. Someone representing the moving company will come out and visibly inspect your moving inventory. They'll make organized notes along the way and see exactly what services you want so that they can give you a moving estimate that's extremely accurate. 

3. Get Everything in Writing 

Once you talk to several moving companies and pick one that offers an estimate that works perfectly for your budget, your job is not over. You still need to have that moving company give you a complete breakdown of their moving costs in a formal contract.

You can then look over this contract and see itemized charges. At this point, if anything seems off and you think you're being overcharged for something, you can talk to the moving company and get them to make the necessary adjustments. Make sure you obtain a physical copy of this contract as well once it's complete. It protects you from a legal standpoint should you get charged unfairly. 

Working with a moving company can dramatically make your move less difficult. When gathering estimates from these companies, make sure you follow the necessary guidelines. Then, you'll have an easier time making your selection. 


18 November 2018

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