Long Distance Moves: Follow The Truck Or Don't Follow The Truck?


Long distance movers help take your possessions from one side of the state or country to the other. This is beneficial when you need it most. However, there still remains one, tiny nagging question: should you follow the moving truck? There are certainly a lot of pros and cons to following the moving truck versus not following the moving truck. Take a closer look at this question and its possible benefits and drawbacks.

Follow the Truck

If you follow the truck, you can make sure that the truck never gets lost or takes a wrong turn. If the truck starts moving in an unexpected direction, you can call the movers from your vehicle and ask them why they are going that way. They may know that there is an upcoming road construction detour or that there is a shortcut going the direction they are going.

If they continue on the expected path, you can feel a little more secure about your stuff, especially if the truck contains some very valuable items and you are worried about the truck being broken into while the movers take meal breaks or rest breaks or sleep breaks. The movers will generally lock everything up nice and tight, but if you feel that you have to keep watch over everything, then following the truck will help you feel less anxious about the move and about your stuff on the truck. Additionally, if you follow the truck and there is an accident involving the moving truck, you can be there to help put all of your stuff back on the truck or right it inside the truck (even though a trucking accident is rather rare where moving trucks are concerned).

Do Not Follow the Truck

These are professional movers; they can handle whatever is thrown at them on the road. They will make it to your new residence by hook or by crook. As for you, you may not want to follow a moving truck for two to ten days. It may be too boring, or your kids might fight too much. Maybe you have to start the new job next Monday, and you have to get there faster than the moving truck does. Whatever the case or reason, you probably want to let the movers do their jobs while you hop a plane to get to your new residence just as fast as you can go.


7 November 2018

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